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File Folders and Charms (selling)

I picked up a bunch of stuff from Japan that I am offering up for sale. Please feel free to take a look! This post is for file folders and charms.

Sales terms are very straight forward: Please comment or send a message with the item you want and your email. I will send you a Paypal invoice detailing the purchase. It protects both of us in a secure transaction.

Shipping to the USA is typically $2-$3. Canada shipments are usually just $1.00 additional. Please ask about other international shipping prices.

CLEAR FILE FOLDERS: $10 + shipping

File 01 (above)

File 02 (above)

File 03 (above)

File 04 (above)

Victini File (above)

Pokemon Center Osaka File (above)

DREAM CHARMS: $13 + shipping

Snivy #1 (above)

Snivy #2 (above)

Tepig #1 (above)

Tepig #2 (above)

Oshawott #1 (above)

SMALL CHARM SET: $20 + shipping.

Mug Shot Charm set (above)

BADGES: $10 each (includes shipping to USA/Canada)
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